Chicken Pot Pie

I hadn’t had chicken pot pie in years, but I had a craving for this hearty fall favorite, so I thought I’d give it a go. I pre-cooked a top pie crust to make sure that it would not have a soggy texture. Continue reading

Greek-Style Ratatouille

This version of the Provençal classic substitutes carrots for the zucchini and relies on Eastern seasonings rather than the French standards of basil and thyme. The eggplants in this dish are so tender and flavorful that they melt in your mouth. Continue reading

Butternut Squash and Leek Risotto

For me, risotto is comfort food. I love how the rice starch gives risotto a creamy texture without the addition of butter, milk or cheese. I had some leftover roast chicken, so I added chicken to this recipe, but you could just as easily make it vegan by omitting the chicken and substituting vegetable broth for chicken broth. Continue reading