Vegetable Stock

Vegetable BrothI prefer to make my own stock. I use it in all kinds of recipes, so I make a big batch and then freeze it in 4-cup portions for making soup and 1-cup portions for flavoring in all kinds of recipes. Because its best if simmered over several hours, I’ll often throw it together on a weekend morning when I know I’ll be around for a good part of the day. If I want chicken stock, I’ll add a chicken carcass or maybe 2 pounds of chicken wings. Continue reading

Apple Onion Relish

Apple Onion RelishThis is a flavorful accompaniment  to roasted pork or chicken. It would also make a nice addition to a salad or wrap sandwich (Lately I’ve been obsessed with Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Tortillas for making wraps). Continue reading

A Perfect Pot of Beans

I prepare these in bulk and then throw them into salads and sides or dress them up with sauce and veggies for a main course. They are a bit time consuming to prepare, but they taste so much better than canned. Continue reading

Thursday Evening Extra: Carrot Greens Pesto

I purchased a beautiful bunch of carrots at the farmers’ market this afternoon, and I was about to trim off the greens and throw them away when I decided to look online and find out if there were any good tips for using them. I came across this post by blogger Ned Raggett, and thought the suggestion for Carrot Green Pesto sounded the most promising. Continue reading

Very Veggie Marinara Sauce

This recipe for marinara sauce makes enough for several meals. I tend to freeze it in one-meal portions and then defrost for a quick weeknight meal or to use in place of commercial spaghetti sauce. Continue reading